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Crowns & Bridges


Sometimes when a tooth has a large filling or is badly broken, your dentist may recommend that the tooth have a crown (sometimes called cap) placed to help strengthen the tooth. Crowns are also still used to solve some cosmetic problems when bonding or veneers would not be adequate.

The most common types of crowns made today are from a cast metal with aesthetic porcelain baked to the outside. In non-aesthetic areas, or for patients with an extremely heavy bite, gold crowns are still used and are still the most durable restorations known. Today, we also have all porcelain crowns, with incredible aesthetics, called Procera crowns.

Crowns generally require two visits, with a temporary crown worn in the interim.


A bridge is needed when there is a missing tooth. The missing tooth is replaced by placing at least two crowns on adjacent teeth and suspending a false tooth, or pontic, in between. This restoration is cemented to your teeth and is not removable. It is carefully crafted by our dental laboratory for aesthetics  fit, and comfort. A bridge also requires two visits.


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